ummm good taste is universal stefan remembuh that

thnx stefan lol

Name: deborah
Nickname: umm depends on who you ask. lots of friends from some schools call me “debdeb”, most southerners call me “deb”, a few in nc call me “d-block.” my family just says my first initial.
Birthday: august 15th
Gender: female
Sexuality: whatever
Height: 5’2”
Time Zone: eastern standard time
What time and date is it there: september 1, 19:46 
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 5-7 
The last thing I googled was: ”nike air force 1 white”
My most used phrase(s): ”honestly” & “okie dokie”
First word that comes to mind: red
What I last said to a family member: ”they called me in to work tomorrow”
One place that makes me happy and why?: in my own room in the middle of a sunny day because i have two windows and sometimes i feel like i’m in the middle of the sky
How many blankets I sleep under: one
Favorite beverage(s): mixed drinks, coffee
The last movie I watched in the cinema: guardians of the galaxy
Three things I can’t live without: laptop, glasses, gray crewneck sweatshirts
Something I plan on learning: interior architecture, AutoCad programs, studio, how to kiss someone and forget about it
A piece of advice for all my followers: it matters most to you
You all have to listen to this song: ”lost in the light” bahamas
My blog(s): writing blog, personality/astrology blog thing, aesthetic/whatever blog

umm i tag whoever sees this and feels like it mostly. maybe: truiisms, l0rdt, maatangi, blacktidalwave, introvertedexcavator,

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the sound of skin on skin, rubbed red from the heat and soft
from sun. the cicadas don’t dare ever shut up, for fear summer
will be over the minute they do, so the lake next to the pool is a
cesspool of noise - the high frequency chirping that seems vaguely
like electricity, the calls of the ducks, reminiscent of those silly boys
in eighth grade who learned to move their mouths a certain way.

if you’re just inside the pool gates you can hear it, a whisper,
but farther out people disappear and are replaced with the sounds
of the filters.

the air by the pond is thick and green and if you breathe too deeply
it sticks in your throat and coats like honey. ada’s hair curls
obscenely and retreats from her back to the nape of her neck and
radiate out uniformly, a halo backlit by blue. when ada laughs it
bounces off the cushion of air and smacks back in her face, quieter
but still sharp, and she sticks to quiet giggles.




there’s this amazing site called realtimeboardwhich is like a whiteboard where you can plan and draw webs and family trees and timelines and all that sort of stuff. you can also insert videos, documents, photos, and lots of other things. you can put notes and post-its and, best of all, you can invite other people to be on the board with you and edit together!! 

this is really really awesome and a great tool for novel planning, so if you’re doing nanowrimo…. this could be good for you!!

Thanks for everyone who sent me a link! This was totally the thing I was thinking of. (Now lets see if I can actually get the story in my brain to form words on a page!)